We held the “Exhibition of futaba’s future” at the Futaba headquarters.

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We held the “Exhibition of futaba’s future” at the Futaba headquarters.

The "Exhibition of futaba’s future" was held at the Futaba headquarters from March 14, 2024, to March 21, 2024. The total number of visitors was 1,830. Thank you to everyone who attended despite your busy schedules.

A future exhibition aimed at unifying the awareness of each employee

Why is Futaba changing now?

Watch a video to understand Futaba’s new management system


President Uozumi himself conveyed his thoughts on the new management system to the employees through a movie. It includes a roundtable discussion between executives and employees, as well as individual discussions about their values. Please also watch this video online.

Watch on YouTube here

For employee viewing, click here

Futaba’s mission 【CLEAN & GREEN】, 【PEACE OF MIND】 and 【QUALITY OF LIFE】

Products were displayed in three booths: 【CLEAN & GREEN】, 【PEACE OF MIND】 and 【QUALITY OF LIFE】
Experience the future by seeing and touching

未来展の写真03 未来展の写真04

Many visitors viewed the displayed products. We assigned staff to explain the features of the products carefully and clearly. This generated communication among employees about the new initiatives and the future we are moving towards.

What kind of values will we provide to the world?

Each individual will think for themselves and provide values.

At Futaba, each employee is the star. As a global company, Futaba has many colleagues around the world. We will continue to create products that exceed customer expectations by staying ahead with new technologies and deepening them to match societal needs.
The words we hope you take to heart at this Exhibition of futaba’s future are “Create Beyond” and “More, Forever, All Together.”
Let these words be our motto as we envision the future VISION of Futaba.

Virtual Exhibition of futaba’s future

Reexperience the Exhibition of futaba’s future online

The Exhibition of futaba’s future can be viewed anytime at the virtual exhibition. Please feel free to visit.

The virtual Exhibition of futaba’s future is here